We are pleased to announce that Lichtenstein Castle may be open again on a regular basis.

For a guided tour in Lichtenstein Castle, the enhanced 2G rule (vaccinated, recovered) applies.

Visiting the Castle Courtyard is also possible with the 2G rule (vaccinated, recovered) and the Luca app (or manual contact recording).

We are looking forward to welcome you on castle lichtenstein!


Romantic Revival in the Age of Technology

Inspired by Wilhelm Hauff’s romantic novel "Lichtenstein", my great-grandfather Count Wilhelm of Württemberg, Duke of Urach, had Lichtenstein Castle constructed on the historical foundation walls of a medieval knights' castle.

With great attention to detail, Lichtenstein Castle and its neo-Gothic architecture is nothing short of an homage to the middle ages.

In the name of the ducal family of Urach, I would like to thank you  most sincerely for your visit, with which you support the upkeep and restoration of this historical building.